New Legislation Helps Lottery but Not Retailers in New Jersey

With a huge reorganization going on in the online gaming industry in New Jersey, there are also changes on the cards for the state lottery system.

As the state’s gamblers await the signature of Governor Chris Christie that will set the new online gambling rules into law, little has been heard about the change to the way the state’s citizens will be able to buy their lottery tickets. If the new proposals do indeed become law, it will make them the first in the United States to be able to gamble legally over the Internet. Finally, these lucky citizens that live within the borders of this small pocket of the US will have legal access to online casinos that are registered in the state and be able to play poker, craps, slots, roulette, blackjack and all the other popular casino games on their home computers

It will also mean they will be able to buy their lottery tickets online where before they could only get them from retailers. At first glance, this will be seen as an additional slice of freedom of choice on how they choose to gamble. But from the point of view of retailers, this may not be so good.

That’s because retailers who sell lottery tickets also make additional sales from people who come into their stores to buy the tickets. That little extra is what makes their business pay and in some cases what keeps them afloat. With more people staying at home to buy their lottery tickets it will mean fewer people coming through the door of the stores. That will convert to fewer retail sales and could mean a bleak future for some store owners who relied on that additional custom.

New Legislation Helps Lottery but Not Retailers in New JerseyLawmakers believe otherwise, adding that while some people may buy their lottery tickets online, the majority will still visit the convenient stores not only to buy the things they need but also to buy scratch off cards which cannot be purchased online. Additionally, being able to buy lottery tickets online will mean that people can still get them during the coldest winter months. It often happens that many inhabitants in the north east of the state get snowed in for weeks at a time and simply can’t get out to the stores to buy anything. At least the lottery will not suffer from a drop in sales during bad weather as people in those areas cab still get them online.