Alderney and Nevada Deal in Preparation for Online Gambling Bonanza?

Alderney and Nevada Deal in Preparation for Online Gambling Bonanza?In a landmark information exchange deal between two of the world’s major online gambling regulatory institutions, the way has been paved for regulated online gambling introduction into Nevada.

The Nevada Gaming Commission signed a deal on Friday with the UK’s Alderney Gaming Control Commission that allows the flow of information between the two authorities which will enable Alderney and Nevada to collaborate on how best to ensure that fair gambling practices are adhered to. From Nevada’s side, it looks very much like they are looking at the very real possibility that regulated online gambling will be available in the state in the near future. Getting together with Alderney is a good move for them as the UK based authority has many years of experience in this field and are experts on regulations for Internet gambling.

According to gaming analysts, it is a very strong indication that Nevada is serious about making the move towards Internet gambling. This kind of move is not made unless there is a need for making preparations to counter any opposition that might crop up from anti-gambling organizations and the lawmakers that back them.

By seeking advice on the safest ways of regulating online gambling from a major world renowned oversight group, Nevada is showing its intent in making sure it is fully ready for a favourable change in the gambling laws. Legalizing online gambling in the state will require it is well versed in all the necessary safeguards that are available for protecting the vulnerable from problem gambling and underage gambling. Alderney has the expertise and experience in this area to help prepare Nevada for this.

While this is a step in the right direction for the state, it may only be the first of many steps. It is already well known for regulatory heavy handedness and it is feasible that Nevada may seek agreements with other experienced regulatory agencies around the world. Its goal would appear to be the collection of as much of what information there is available prior to lawmakers acting on any changes to regulations for online gambling.

Chairman of the Gaming Control Board, Mark Lipparelli has said that the world of Internet gaming is moving fast and in the direction of Nevada. The board has realized how important it is for the state to form such alliances with the very places that have already been working with gaming regulations for some time.

The Alderney deal may form part of an ongoing investigation into the UK based operator, 888 Holdings. This company operates some sites for companies based in the US, for instance Caesars Entertainment. It may be seen as a clear turning point for US Internet gambling if 888 Holdings comes through the investigation cleanly.